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A solution company in the fields of “Colors and Optics.”

ORIENT has consistently supplied new materials to meet the needs of the market, combining unique technologies that use dye syntheses with new synthetic technologies. Products value today also means better safety and measures to preserve the global environment. We are dedicated to developing products that care for the environment and meet safety standards. From now on as well, we proceed with the development from the current “Color” field to the new field related to “Optics,” and continue to offer niche-field applications and materials that solve users’ problems. ORIENT reaffirms its commitment to making a contribution to society through providing its specialty chemicals. CEO/President Akihiro Takahashi CEO/President Akihiro Takahashi
CEO/President Akihiro Takahashi
The Dye and Pigment Specialist

Orient Chemical Industries Ltd. was founded in 1917. Since that time, ORIENT,
as a specialist manufacturer of dyes and pigments has constantly been supplying products that respond to the needs of the times.
Our company's outstanding research and development capability has produced many new products and a large number of those products still maintain a significant market share internationally.

Head office 7-15,1-chome Minami-honmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,541-0054,Japan
Phone:+81-6-6261-2003  Fax: +81-6-6261-2022
Foundation September 1917
Establishment December 23, 1949
Business contents Production and sales of chemicals ( Industrial colorants materials, Materials for information storage and HIGH-PERFORMANCE materials )
Capital 91 million yen
Main banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Representative President Akihiro Takahashi
Number of employees 244
ISO certificate acquisition ISO9001:2008 Head Office, Osaka Plant, Niigata Plant, Tokyo Branch JICQA-0098
ISO14001:2004 Head Office, Osaka Plant, Niigata Plant, Tokyo Branch JICQA-E108
Corporate philosophy As a Chemical Company,
We create products something to make a positive impression on Customers and Society.
We supply reliable Products consistently to our Customers.
We sincerely pursue our company’s prosperity, our employee’s happiness and trust of community.
And we contribute to achievement of sustainable community.
CSR Principles



Orient Chemical Industries values communication with its stakeholders. We strive to create long-term trust-based relationships through the ongoing creation and supply of products and services of consistent value. To this end, we are committed to sound corporate activities that conform to related laws and regulations, and targeting our stakeholders we undertake corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that are harmonious with our management philosophy.

  Corporate philosophy


1)We engage in business activities that benefit the development of society.

We provide products and services that are useful to society and give due consideration to safety.

We stay ahead of the times by cultivating new technologies, products and markets.

A safe and comfortable working environment and sound corporate structure underpin our ongoing business development.


2)We aim to be a company that stakeholders trust.

With customer satisfaction in our minds, we go about our work with a sense of sincerity and gratitude.

We impress our customers with our excellent products, delivery times and services.

We communicate proactively with our customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders.


3)We respect the letter and spirit of the law and engage in fair and free competition.

We engage in transparent, fair and appropriate transactions, abiding by the Antimonopoly Act, the Subcontract Act, other related laws and regulations and internal regulations.

We remain cognizant of our position as a member of society, and do not engage in antisocial activities.

We maintain sound relationships with political and administrative bodies.


4)We are proactive in protecting the global environment and taking part in social contribution initiatives.

We strive to protect the environment and focus on conserving resources and energy.

We support cultural, welfare and other social contribution activities.

We engage in proactive social contribution activities and strive to exist and prosper in harmony with local communities, aiming for local community development and the creation of a safe and bountiful society.


5)We value communication with our employees.

Through an invigorating workplace organization based on teamwork, we endeavor to enhance the working environment to ensure that employees are healthy and go about their work enthusiastically.

We support employees’ individual efforts at self-development and capability enhancement as part of our efforts to create a workplace environment that fosters originality, imagination, a sense of challenge and consistent value creation.

We respect the basic human rights, diversity, personalities and individuality of our employees.  

1917 A limited partnership company,Orient&Co.,Ltd.was established.Produced and sold VERENCE and other pigments.
1923 Quality of VERENCE improves and its sales increase by leaps and bounds.
Exported"KYUZEN JIRUSHI"MORAN to Tianjin,China.
1931 Production of NIGROSINE commences.
1938 Production of SPIRIT BLACK and OIL BLACK commences.
1939 Production of SOLUBLE BLUE OBC commences.
1941 Production of medical supplies commences(until 1951).
1949 Organization changes to joint-stock company.Orient Chemical Industries Limited is established.
1950 Production of OIL colors commences.
1957 Production of ALKALI BLUE TONER commencese.
1961 Production of VALIFAST®colors commences.
1963 Production of OPLAS® and WATER colors commences.
1964 Production of ALFAST® colors commences.
Suita Factory is established.(- 1978).
1965 Osaka Factory is built.
1974 The "ORIENT CHEMICAL(KOREA),LTD"joint venture is founded in Korea.
1976 Production of VALIOSOL® colors commences.
1979 The"ORIENT ORIENT SHIMAZAKI CHEMICAL CORP.(ORISHIM)"joint venture is founted in the United States(New Jersey).
1980 New research laboratory is built on the premises of Osaka Plant.
1982 ORISHIM becomes wholly-owned subsidiary. Name changed to ORIENT CHEMICAL CORPORATION[now ORIENT CORPORATION OF AMERICA.]
1983 Production of BONTRON®series commences.Repeated increases raise capital to 91,000,000yen.
1985 Production of MICROPIGMO®series commences.
1986 Production of FISCO®colors and BONJET® series commences. Own computer system "TACTIS" by IBM S38 is introduced.
1988 Production of ORIPACS® commences.
1991 Niigata Factory is built in Kitakanbara-gun, Niigata. Construction of a new plant is completed in Delaware,US.
ORIENT CHEMICAL OF EUROPE BV is founded in Holland.
1992 Production of NUBIAN® colors commences.
1993 Production of OPTRON®and BONASORB® commences.
1995 Own Product Liability Committee is estabilished.
ISO9002 certification acquired.
Own Response Care Committee is established.
1998 Production of DEORASE® and CRAMITY commences.
1999 ISO14001 certification acquired. ME bld. is completed in Osaka Plant.
2001 ISO9001:2000 certification anquired. Starting a new buisiness management system.
2002 Production of eBIND® LTW®-series commences.
Production of eBIND® LAW®-series commences.
2003 MM bld. and NK bld. are completed in Osaka Plant.
LTW Division is established. ELIXA®commences.
2004 CERAFIS®colors commences.
The office of ORIENT CHEMICAL OF EUROPE BV is moved and expanded.
2005 REACH Committee is established. An Executive Officer system is adopted.
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