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Production System Generates Stable Quality
Orient Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. supplies an array of leading products to markets worldwide. In this international society, we believe that our mission is to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products that will earn recognition everywhere in the world. For this purpose, we have been quick to introduce international quality systems and environmental management systems so that we can respond to the needs of markets in any country.

Integrated Production System Developed by ORIENT

For many years we have been pursuing improvements to the powder production technology of high boiling point materials such as "NIGROSINE". As a result, we developed our original computer-controlled vacuum drying system which makes the manufacturing process more efficient, implemented labor-saving measures and better safety. We have also set up an original administrative information management system that integrates the production system. These enable a flexible and rational production set up that is run under thorough process control.
  Quality Assurance System Complies Fully with ISO9002

It is almost a prerequisite to establish an international quality control system to supply products on a global scale. We have promoted such an approach from the early stages of our operation and acquired ISO9002 certification in October 1995. Since then, we have continued to strengthen our quality control system based on our product quality policy of "contributing to the progress of the era by providing the world's best quality based on the demands of the market."
  Environmental Protection Measures Approved under ISO14001
We actively comply with the international environmental management standard ISO14001 based on our environmental principle of "contributing to the progress of society through practice of environmental protection whereby each member of the staff places emphasis on 'caring for the environment' in all of the company's activities." The entire company acquired certification in December 1999. We are continuing to promote our environmental management system by setting numerous targets and objectives.

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