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Of all our products, some 30% are exported directly overseas, and the percentage continues to grow each year. Our experience in exporting products goes back a long way, to 1922, just after our founding, when we exported our leading product "KYUZENJIRUSHI (VERENCE)" to China. Nowadays, the company actively promotes marketing activities on a world-wide scale through production and marketing bases in North America and gathering technological information in Europe.
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We actively collect information on leading technology from the EU markets where influential chemical and materials manufacturers converge. The information gathered here is utilized in developing new products.
We conduct thorough marketing activities that closely adhere to rapidly changing market needs centered around the two massive markets of Tokyo and Osaka. We are always striving to develop timely products that will pave the way for the new era.

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Head Office:
 7-15,1-chome Minami-honmachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,541-0054,Japan
 TEL.+81-6-6261-2003 / FAX.+81-6-6261-2022
Tokyo Branch:
 TEL.+81-3-5942-8311 / FAX.+81-3-3555-7577
 TEL.+81-72-822-4721 / FAX.+81-72-822-5304
 TEL.+81-25-256-1111 / FAX.+81-25-256-1133
A wholly-owned subsidiary, "ORIENT CHEMICAL CORPORATION," was established in New Jersey, in the United States, in 1982 as the production and marketing base for the Asian and North American markets. A second plant was constructed in Delaware, in the United States, in 1991, and through these bases, the company continues to open up new markets. The corporate name "ORIENT CHEMICAL CORPORATION" was changed to "ORIENT CORPORATION OF AMERICA" in 1997.

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