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ORIENT supplies the most suitable materials for information storage in a wide range of areas. These products include Charge Control Agent for electro-photographic toner and organic colorants used for writing ink and inkjet ink as well as high-performance materials for information storage.

Colorants for Writing Ink
The organic colorants used for various types of writing ink, such as ballpoint pens, fiber-tipped pens and marker pens, account for a large share of the market both in Japan and abroad. We supply a diverse range of products such as OIL colors and VALIFAST® colors, which are oil soluble, water-soluble WATER colors which have a variety of colors, and FISCO® colors which have excellent water resistance once dried.
Principal Usage Main Product
・Oil based ink for ballpoint pens
・Water based ink for ballpoint pens
・Oil based marker pens
・Water based marker pens
・Gel ink
・Ink for fountain pens
・Ink for whiteboards
OIL colors
VALIFAST® colors
WATER colors
FISCO® colors
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Charge Control Agent for Electro-photographic Toners
The BONTRON® series was developed with due attention being paid to the electrical characteristics of dyes. They are used to effectively control the electrification property of toners that are used with electro-photography equipment, such as copying machines and laser beam printers. The products have a significant market share both in Japan and abroad and come with a lineup of various products for different usages, such as the N and the P series for a positive charge, and the S, the E and the F series for a negative charge.
Principal Usage Main Product
·Toners for electro-photography equipment
·Powder-form paint
·Powder-form paint
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Colorants for Inkjet
ORIENT has a lineup of colorants for inkjet . With the recent growth of inkjet printers, ORIENT has developed products that are able to meet with the requirements of office automation equipment for which resolution is becoming more important.Also our products are gaining a solid reputation in industrial inkjet printers owing to their strong reliability in quality and supply.All products are characterized by excellent color and high safety. The BONJET® series is available in both dye and pigment types.
Principal Usage Main Product
·Office automation type inkjet printers
·Industrial inkjet printers
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