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Functional Materials
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Orient Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. has been working on applied research for high-performance materials based on technologies and know-how acquired through many years of operation. In particular, special attention has been paid in recent years to the development of applications for phthalocyanine derivatives which have primarily been used as organic pigment. We have been developing products by utilizing the characteristics of phthalocyanine, which has excellent heat and chemical resistance, and for which useful electronic and optical behavior is expected.

The DEORASE® series, created under joint development with the Shinshu University and Research Group on Technology of Macromolecule Complexes, consists of deodorants for the new generation that use the bio-mimetic deodorization method (bio-imitation). They react effectively with malodorous substances both at room temperature and at normal pressure. They are suitable for an array of deodorizing usages because of their many advantages, such as their much-greater durability compared with ordinary deodorants as well as their ease of handling and processing.
Principal Usage Main Product
EPrimary body for all-purpose deodorants
EPrimary body for water based deodorants
EPrimary body for deodorizing tobacco (aldehyde)
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Photoconductive Materials
The OPTRON® series was developed as charge generating materials for organic photosensitive bodies utilizing the electronic characteristics of phthalocyanine compounds. We currently have crude products for photosensitive bodies, as well as medium sensitivity products for LD and shorter wavelength such as LED. We are also working on developing process research of other leading materials.
Principal Usage Main Product
·ECrude products for organic photosensitive bodies
·EProducts for shorter wavelength such as LED
·EProducts for LD
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Specific wavelength absorbent
BONASORB UA-series is a unique material absorbing the wavelength band of UV-A (360-410nm) that other UV absorbents can not absorb. BONASORB UA-series absorbs the wavelength band of UV-A effectively with small content due to high absorbability comparing with other absorbents. As for other wavelength areas, it is acceptable to modify products at your request.
Principal Usage Main Product
・Ultraviolet (UV) absorbing auxiliary agent for
optical lens
・Optical functional film
・Weathering Stabilizer for marking film
・Weathering Stabilizer for paint and resin
(prevention of degradation)
・Agricultural film, masking film, etc. 
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