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Producing Products with High Added Value
As industries gear up for the information society, they are requiring increasingly sophisticated and complex materials. Therefore, we are strengthening our research and development structure so that we will be able to perceive the needs of the next generation more accurately and more quickly. At the same time, we are also promoting the establishment of an organizational structure that is based on marketing strategy.

Ability to Respond to Individual Users

One of the important goals of our company is to shorten the lead time for the development of new products. To ensure this, all sales, development and production departments are working in close unison with users by exchanging and gathering information on the needs of the users. This kind of setup enables our company to develop products swiftly.
  Committed to Collaborative Development Projects with Academia

To be able to provide society with valuable products, our company nurturesresearch and development staff, and dispatches technical staff to research laboratories of universities and public institutes that carry out advanced research of materials. This enables both parties to keep pace with the advancement of leading technologies, while at the same time facilitates the exchange of technologies. Further, we send our young staff members overseas for training to promote marketing-oriented development from a global perspective.
  Striving to Encourage Creative Research & Development

The most important aspect in developing new products is to have a clear picture of the products' future prospects as well as its uses. To this end, we regularly conduct seminars in which the staff responsible for different research and development groups come together to report on and talk about their progress in the areas that they are working. Further, to respond to the rapidly diversifying marketplace and to the changes in technology, we gather and investigate information on patents at the research and development stage so as to promote strategic utilization of intellectual property rights.

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