Corporate Philosophy / Greetings

Message from our CEO /
Corporate Philosophy

A Solution Company
in the fields of “Color and Optics”


Through technology and mutual trust,
We hope to create new value and enrich our society.
Our goal is to be your first source for all project needs.

ORIENT has consistently supplied new materials to meet the needs of the market, combining unique technologies that use dye syntheses with new synthetic technologies. As we consider safety and measures to preserve the global environment a part of our products value, we are dedicated to developing such products that care for the environment and safety standards.

Going forward, we will continue to develop the current “Color” materials and expand our efforts in the field related to “Optics” and continue to offer niche market products and materials that solve users’ requests.

ORIENT reaffirms its commitment to making a contribution to society through providing its specialty chemicals.

CEO / PresidentAkihiro Takahashi

Management Policy

[Company Philosophy]


Our fundamentals do not change but, we will adapt to the times around us.

[Corporate Philosophy]

As a Chemical Company, We create products something to make a positive impression on Customers and Society.
We supply reliable Products consistently to our Customers.
We sincerely pursue our company’s prosperity, our employee’s happiness and trust of community.
And we contribute to achievement of sustainable community.

[Management Vision]

Provide peace of mind and added value.
Goal to be your one-of-a-kind material manufacturer

[Management Stance]

“TEAM ORIENT” with a marketing focus.

[Action Guidelines]

  1. Always consider customer satisfaction and act with sincerity and gratitude.
  2. Understand the situation, formulate the proper measure, and act accordingly.
  3. Act consistently, flexibly and promptly to achieve our goals.
  4. Share goals across the organization and each individual acts responsibly.
  5. Focus on society, the environment and act in a common sense manner.