Dye and Pigment

Orient Chemical Industries Ltd. was founded in 1917. Since that time, ORIENT, as a dye and pigment specialist has consistently been supplying products that respond to the needs of the times.
Our company's outstanding research and development capability has produced many new products and a large number of those products still maintain a significant market share internationally.


Founding period
Start up producing VERENCE

  • 1917

    A limited partnership company,Orient&Co.,Ltd. was established. Produced and sold VERENCE and other pigments.

  • 1923

    Quality of VERENCE improves and its sales increased significantly. Exported "KYUZEN JIRUSHI" MORAN to Tianjin, China.

  • 1931

    Production of NIGROSINE commences.

  • 1937

    A limited partnership company, Orient&Co.,Ltd .was reorganized into a limited partnership company.

  • 1938

    Production of SPIRIT BLACK and OIL BLACK commences.

  • 1939

    Production of SOLUBLE BLUE OBC commences.


of business during
and after World War 2.

sanco creamの写真
  • 1941

    Production of medical supplies commences (until 1951).

  • 1945

    Resumption of business and producing NIGROSINE after World War 2.

  • 1949

    Organization changes to joint-stock company. Orient Chemical Industries Limited is established.

  • 1950

    Production of OIL colors commences.

  • 1956

    Tokyo business office is established.

  • 1957

    Production of ALKALI BLUE TONER commences.


Advance overseas

  • 1961

    Production of VALIFAST® colors commences.

  • 1963

    Production of OPLAS® and WATER colors commences.

  • 1964

    Production of ALFAST® colors commences.
    Suita Factory is established. (- 1978).

  • 1965

    Osaka Factory is built.

  • 1974

    The "ORIENT CHEMICAL (KOREA),LTD"joint venture is founded in Korea.

  • 1976

    Production of VALIOSOL® colors commences.

  • 1979

    The "ORIENT SHIMAZAKI CHEMICAL CORP.(ORISHIM)"joint venture is founded in the United States(New Jersey).


Enhancement of technological capabilities
& Working on high-performance materials

  • 1980

    New research laboratory is built on the premises of Osaka Plant.

  • 1982

    ORISHIM becomes wholly-owned subsidiary. Name changed to ORIENT CHEMICAL CORPORATION [now ORIENT CORPORATION OF AMERICA.]

  • 1983

    Production of BONTRON® series commences. Repeated increases raise capital to 91,000,000yen.

  • 1985

    Production of MICROPIGMO® series commences.

  • 1986

    Production of FISCO® colors and BONJET® series commences. Own computer system "TACTIS" by IBM S38 is introduced.

  • 1988

    Production of ORIPACS® commences.


Startup Niigata Plant

  • 1991

    Niigata Factory is built in Kitakanbara-gun, Niigata. Construction of a new plant is completed in Delaware, US.
    ORIENT CHEMICAL OF EUROPE BV is founded in The Netherlands.

  • 1992

    Production of NUBIAN® colors commences.

  • 1993

    Production of OPTRON® and BONASORB® commences.

  • 1995

    An internal Product Liability Committee is established.
    ISO9002 certification acquired.
    An internal Response Care Committee is established.

  • 1997


  • 1998

    Production of DEORASE® and CRAMITY commences.

  • 1999

    ISO14001 certification acquired. ME building is completed in Osaka Plant.


Thanks to you for the 100th anniversary

  • 2001

    ISO9001:2000 certification acquired. Started a new business management system.

  • 2002

    Production of eBIND® LTW®-series commences.
    Production of eBIND® LAW®-series commences.

  • 2003

    MM bld. and NK building are completed in Osaka Plant.
    LTW Division is established. ELIXA® commences.

  • 2004

    CERAFIS® colors commences.
    The office of ORIENT CHEMICAL OF EUROPE BV is moved and expanded.

  • 2005

    REACH Committee is established. An Executive Officer system is adopted.
    ACW® method (new method of laser plastic welding) developed.

  • 2007

    Tokyo Branch moved.
    NUBIAN® BLACK AH-series (granular type ) commences.

  • 2008

    Presented a performance award for Intellectual Property.

  • 2009

    Business Unit System is adopted.
    ORIENT BLACK web site opened.
    Head office is moved.

  • 2010

    MF building is completed in Osaka Plant.

  • 2011 web site opened
    ORIENT CORPORATION OF AMERICA opened California Office.

  • 2013

    Osaka Plant is commended for environmental improvement work.
    Production of PIANO® BLACK commences.

  • 2014

    Our intellectual property management activities are published in the "Intellectual Property Rights Utilization Company Casebook 2014"

  • 2015

    Production of ORISPERS® commences.

  • 2017

    Celebrated 100th anniversary (Celebration trip, Created a special website )

  • 2018

    Celebrated 101th anniversary (Featured article in the Chemical Daily) Production of OPTRON® ( EXL-N ) commences.
    Hybrid-LTW® method ( new method of laser plastic welding ) developed